Traders' Network

Social networking is "hot". Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, became Time Magazine’s "Person Of The Year" in 2010. The social network he started up in his dorm room has connected more than 10% of the world's entire population so far, and David Fincher's movie won 4 Golden Globe awards.

While Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites are great tools to keep in touch with friends and family or to find old schoolmates, the only commercial use of such networks is providing a laser-targeted group of potential customers for sellers in practically any niche. In other words, members can’t use it to make money, unless they have a product or service to sell and they are willing pay the cost of PPC advertising.

The FTW Traders’ Network is different.

You can use this application to network with fellow traders. You can

  • Create a profile;
  • Publish your trading results  (which are verified since we keep track of them);
  • Post and update your resume if you wish to pursue a career as a money manager or a proprietary trader for financial institutions;
  • You can share your goals you wish to accomplish as a trader;
  • You can exchange information, knowledge, strategies, etc.
  • You can invite other traders into the network and eventually into our training and recruiting program…  and make money!

These are just a few of the many things you can use our network for.  Being part of our network can help you in many ways:

  • You will be a better informed trader, which will help you become more profitable;
  • You will be more visible for other people such as investors, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, which can help you become a proprietary trader, a money manager, or even raise capital and start up your own forex hedge fund;
  • You will have a continuously monitored and verified track record as a trader from the moment you sign up to our training and recruiting program, which allows you to keep track of your own development and prove your results;
  • You can upload promotional content and affiliate links into "Resources" if you have any relevant product(s) or service(s) to sell, such as EAs, signals, training programs, etc. (currently under development, coming soon...)
  • You can make friends all over the world among people who share a common goal and interest with you, namely making money in the currency markets!

If you register as a member you will be assigned your own dedicated profile page, which you can edit as you wish. You can upload text, photos or graphic content such as charts and you can share any kind of information   -  whether personal or professional   -   with others. 

You can use your own profile page and/or your referral page (currently under development) to invite fellow traders into the network. Just send your referral link to the people you wish to invite. Tell them about this network and your experience with us, about our services and the opportunities we offer. Be part of an elite worldwide forex community and let us help you accomplish your personal goals as a forex trader! Join now, it's free!